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*Attention all Cursillistas and Challengers*
Both Follow-Up and Ultreya are held on the last Thursday of each month.
Decolores and Easy come ~easy go!
Please share with fellow Cursillistas and Challengers so everybody will be informed!
your Cursillo and Challenge executives

Cursillo and Challenge Executive


Co Lay Directors: Women: Karen MacSween, Men: Kevin McSween
Spiritual Director: Fr. Patrick O'Neill
Assoc. Spiritual Director: Fr. Duaine Devereaux
Renewal: Viola & Leo Penny
Treasurer: Ann Marie Currie
Secretary: Betty Lahey
Pre-Cursillo (Women): Roberta O’Leary
Pre-Cursillo (Men): Sean O’Leary
Post-Cursillo Jane & Jim Lewis
Supplies: Karen MacSween & Marie Burke
Bulletin: N/A
Fourth Day: Claudia & Bert Aucoin
Webmaster: Stewart LeForte


Lay Director: Lois Morrison
Treasurer: Fred Macleod
Secretary: Lois Morrison
Male Post-Secondary Representative: Brady Lee
Male High School Representative: Morgan Toney
Eskasoni Representative: Darren Stevens
Website Developer: Brandon Anthony


All Cursillo and Challenge retreat weekends are held at Camp Breton Dean; the address is below. To join our mailing list, submit your email in the field below.

Camp Breton Dean Address

965 Hillside Road,
Mira, Albert Bridge,
NS B1K 3L6

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